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Portfolio: CMmtgCOS08_015.jpg
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Committee is a lifeline for Young Life in the community.
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Young Life leaders have a blast building friendships with teenagers.
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Young Life camp will amaze teenagers.
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Even playing hoops is more fun at Young Life camp.
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Zip down our zip line and skim across the lake.
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Our swimming pool is always a popular place.
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Take on the lake on a wake board.
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Campers spend a lot of time in the air at Young Life camp.
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Our experienced guides will help make sure your group has an amazing time.
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As you horseback ride with our experienced wranglers, you will take in the beautiful views around the property.
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Experience a thrill like no other while parasailing above the lake.
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Young Life camp is a great adventure.
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There are more things to do in a week of Young Life camp than most kids experience in a year.
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The blob € requires no skill but some courage.
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Hit the sand volleyball court with your friends.
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At Campaigners, talk about life and God with your friends and Young Life leaders.
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Don"t miss camp!
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Fun, new challenges and life-long friendships are all part of the Young Life experience.
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Enjoy time with friends and experience new adventures and surprises.
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There is no place on earth quite like a Young Life camp.
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The property has rooms of various sizes to accommodate the needs of your group.
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Our spacious dining hall comfortably seats about 300 people.
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Your group will enjoy our comfortable accommodations.
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When the weather is hot, cool down in the swimming pool.
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The club room has seating for approximately 400, as well as state-of#45the#45art audio and visual equipment.
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What"s happening at Young Life club this week? You won"t know till it"s too late!
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There is a lot of fun and adventure in store for you.
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Bring your friends to Young Life. They"ll be glad you did.
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Portfolio: CMmtgCOS08_015.jpg
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